History 2201E Lecture Notes - Seigneurial System Of New France, Intolerable Acts, 18 Months

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Published on 30 Oct 2012
Post Conquest Quebec 1760-76
Proclamation of 1763
Takes up the Ohio Valley
Quebec no longer governs Ohio River
Ohio Valley now given to Americans
French are living in this area - no longer a part of Quebec
Stops French fur trade
Helps more British settlers come
Attract more British people to come
Allows for any French person living in New France to live (have 18 months to do so)
Most French Canadians don’t leave because they have been there fore several generations - have not been to
Sets up how much land British military men (who have fought in the conquest) can get
Get about 50 acres
High ranking officer can get 500 acres
A lot of land - able to sell some of it off
James Murray, governor, 1760-66
Governor of Quebec
Made governor of Canada later on
Job is to assimilate French Canadians
Learns that he cannot implement rules right away or people will revolt
Eg: Roman Catholic religion is important to French - realizes that he can’t make people convert right away and
has to be done over time
Pope no longer has control in New France
Proclamation says that Roman Catholic religion needs to be respected - partial change
Allows priestly orders (nuns, Jesuits) to exist - not allowed to recruit
Over time, orders will decline
Roman Catholics are not allow to hold any offices
New France are governed by laws of England
Test Act - an oath that has existed since the 1670s
From France
Individuals wanting high positions need to take this
Need to ensure that people are not preaching against the Anglican Church
Religious orders
Allowed to exist but can’t recruit
Have lot of money behind them as well as political power
Superintendent of Romish Religion
Candidates selected have to be approved by government in England and Murray
Jean-Olivier Briand
1764: selected
According to Murray, he has been respectful of the British
Sends out messages about the economy and politics
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