History 2201E Lecture Notes - Seigneurial System Of New France, John Molson, Lower Canada

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Published on 23 Nov 2012
Rebellion in Lower Canada
Government structure
King > Parliament > Governor General > Representative of the Governor > (A) Executive Council & (B)
Legislative Council
Population > Legislative Assembly
Nothing connecting the legislative assembly with the executive council and legislative council
Attempt to assimilate French Canadians with Lower Canada
Elected legislative assembly has a sizable French majority
Legislative assembly can suggest raising taxes to be able to generate revenue
Executive council and legislative council have their own revenue for money
Money they get from selling land goes to the governor
Government by the many for the few
Upper elite person can get position just by being loyal and being connected to certain individuals
Legislative council can tell legislative assembly that they are not interested in a proposal (eg: fixing road)
Structure is unworkable - many get frustrated, which later leads to a rebellion
Rise in liberalism/radicalism
Parti canadien/parti patriot
People that tend to be liberal are the middle class - want more power in the legislative assembly - typically
pro-French worried about their population
Dislike liberal perspectives because it steers away from the Church (which the conservative view as
Liberals don’t like the seigneurial system
Liberals prefer ownership
Liberals believe that education should not be controlled by the Church
One of the many reasons why the Church doesn’t like liberals
Some in this group are for and some are against the seigneurial system
Louis-Joseph Papineau
Starts out as a liberal and becomes a radical
Owns a seniorie
Becomes a politician
Elected to the legislative assembly
Takes what the legislative assembly does control and use it to actively fight with the merchants for what he
1830s: starts attacking the executive and legislative council who really hates elected politicians
Thinks that Lower Canada should be independent and not part of the British colony
As he is becoming a radical, he declares himself as a Republican (and others accuse him of being American
and wanting an American style government)
Chateau Clique
Governor gives them land to farm or sell off
Often get government contract
Get political position
These people are really changing political policies and how government money is spent
Against the seigneurial system
John Molson - in the house of elected assembly
November 12, 2012
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