History 2201E Lecture Notes - Egerton Ryerson, Clergy Reserve, Canada Company

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Published on 23 Nov 2012
Western University
History 2201E
Rebellion in Upper Canada
Upper Canada:
Lieutenant governor (Representative of the Governor - for Lower Canada) > (A) Executive Council and (B)
Legislative Council
Executive council has money that they make from the land
Does not need money from the Legislative Council
System set up by the many for the few
The few are “Family Compact”
Family Compact - John Gray Simcoe had appointed some of his military friends in high positions
‘Family Compact’
John Strachan - Anglican member
Church of England - privileged
Money comes from the sale of reserves, which sets up this church to be more successful than others
Puts former students into power - sets up another system of loyalty
Later becomes the bishop of Toronto
He negotiated with the American army during the revolution in York
Appointed executive council and then the legislative council
Anti-American - wants to keep Upper Canada British
Thinks that Americans are too radical
Wants to keep clergy reserve to the Anglican church
John Beverly Robinson
Strachan’s former student
Appointed to be a judge
Eventually becomes governor general
Elected to the assembly
System is set up for abuse of power, which leads to the upheaval
Canada Company
Landholding company that holds land to sell off to people
Making lots of money
Originally land grants were given to free to English/Scottish/Irish immigrants
Trying to attract immigrants by giving away free land
While establishing farm, will be given food and supplies until it is stopped in1826
Now have to buy the land
Have to bid against other people to get it
Some of the money goes to the governor general to pay for some of his expenses
Clergy and Crown reserves
1829: Pesberteryan church is the church of Scotland
Complained until included
Egerton Ryerson
Anglican who converts to Methodist
Government sees Methodist as being too democratic, therefore American and radical
Methodist seen as backwards people
Christian Guardian, 1829
November 14, 2012
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