History 2201E Lecture Notes - Rebellion Losses Bill, Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, Francis Hincks

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Published on 23 Nov 2012
Western University
History 2201E
Political Reform
Lord Durham’s Report
Report on the Affairs of British North America, 1838
Comes after the rebellion
Takes a while for what he recommends to come about
His recommendations are jumped at right away by British government
Two main recommendations:
Responsible government
Believes government in CA needs more control and less looking at England to making their decisions
Assembly in CA need more control - would make government more efficient
United Province of Canada (Canada West; Canada East)
Act of Union, 1840
Legislation that puts Lower and Upper together
Make it one province but give it two different names (Canada West and Canada East)
Don’t have two assemblies or elected council - it is all one
Assembles the French because they have less control
British and French are together
Gets rid of some of the protection act (eg: seigneurial system) of the French to promote the assimilation of
1841: new election is required
Election of 1841
Charles Thompson, Baron Syndenham
Here for the election
Attempts to influence the election to not vote French politicans
Interferes with the elections
Reform alliance
Louis LaFontaine
From Canadian East (formerly Lower Canada)
Thinks practically about politics
Thinks that if it becomes a battle of French vs British, there’s going to be a deadlock (nothing is going to
Robert Baldwin
From Canada West
Francis Hincks
From Canada West
Before: Sovereign > Governor > (A) Legislative Council, (B) Executive Council [A & B] > Legislative Assembly
> The People
After: Sovereign > Governor > (A) Legislative Council, (B) Executive Council > Legislative Assembly > The
Responsible government
Lord Elgin, Governor-General, 1847-54
Told “don’t stand in the way of responsible government”
Election of 1848
November 19, 2012
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French: 1841: new election is required, charles thompson, baron syndenham, election of 1841, here for the election, anti-french, attempts to in uence the election to not vote french politicans, interferes with the elections. > the people: after: sovereign > governor > (a) legislative council, (b) executive council > legislative assembly > the. Responsible government: lord elgin, governor-general, 1847-54, election of 1848, told don"t stand in the way of responsible government . Louis-joseph papineau: believes american system of government is better, believes that if quebec was annexed, government at the state level would leave them alone. Parti rouge and papineau: led by papineau, radical. November 19, 2012: against big businesses, anti-church - doesn"t believe the church and state should be connected. Bleus and george: etienne cartier leads bleus, george has retired. Conservatives and allan macnab: macnab was the leader of government military against the rebellions, once a part of the family pact, doesn"t like responsible government.

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