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Tutorial – Chapters 17 & 19

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HIS 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

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Tutorial Chapter 17
Native relations with…
o Settlers
Trying to confine them to reservations, large amount of native
Developing agriculture, mining, railroads, etc.
Romantic vision of the frontier: success stories, cowboys, etc.
o Capitalism
Land being exploited as capital
Development would have been hindered without railways
Chapter 19
Creation of immigrant identity, Americans trying to assimilate them into
their identity
Trying to reform society, redress grievances people are having
Maintenance of morality
Racial discrimination used to reinforce the barriers of social class
Class divisions most visible in the cities
Development of inner-city slums; more extreme than before and a way of life
developing around them
Three distinct classes have developed
Mass production, department stores (fancy)
Creation of suburban areas to move away from large population of lower
class people
Public education
“Rags to Riches” idea becoming prominent, social Darwinism
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