Tutorial 8 - America After World War I

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21 Mar 2012
Tutorial 8: World War I
Did the war produce a modern America? If so how? If not, why?
Fear of communism and socialism from the Soviet Union
Military development among all the nations slowed, but some still had a arms
African Americans last to get hired, first to get fire
KKK resurges after World War 1
Competition in the northern workforce
Development of African American culture: jazz age and Harlem Renaissance
Xenophobia: fear of the “other”
Marcus Garvey “Back to Africa”
Didn’t progress much, thought they would go back to their jobs after the men
Women’s suffrage occurred, but for the benefit of the government
Paid less than men for the same work, sexual harassed; no respect for their
new role
Women expected to be in charge of household economic
Targeted through advertising
o Different ads for different demographics, targets individuals
Produced a more new technologies for warfare
Assembly lines make things easier to mass produce (Henry Ford)
Making technology something that we can use and buy
Supply and demand
President Wilson’s Fourteen Points
Democratic internationalism
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