American History: Vietnam

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22 Mar 2012

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American March 26
First phase – French phase 1945-1954
Second phase 1954-1963
Most fighting takes place in South Vietnam bombing the rural south
Third phase 1963-1973
There is a mounting amount of us casualties and this erodes support for the war in us
1968 North Vietnam enter the war
They were defeated but this really effected support in us
Protest emerges in the United States antiwar movement is concerned with American
lives lost
Big protests occur in 1965
By 1968 there are large protests across the US
1964-1968 democratic party in disarray torn apart by Vietnam issues and civil rights
1968 array of crisis magnified by the media. Many Americans believe that the common
values of America were breaking down
What Crisis?
North Vietnam entering the world
Assassination of martin Luther king jr.
Large protests
Assassination of Robert Kennedy
Riots (as a result of protests)
George Wallace (third party candidate) was at de-segregation, pro Vietnam won 15%
of the electoral collage
Nixon won the election
Appealed to middle America (Supposedly refers to decent hard working white middle
class protestant patriotic Americans)
Benefited from the disarray of the Democratic Party
Republicans are dominate in the white house after 1968
New deal coalition
Southerners (vote democrat mostly always)
Progressive/ liberal intellectuals
Organized Labour (Unions)
Ordinary Americans hurt by the Depression (Middle Americans)
(Brought together by the depression)
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