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22 Mar 2012

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American History November 20
1865 13th amendment frees the slaves (abolished)
November 1863 Gettysburg address:
Speech took three minutes
He is referring to declaration of independence
This time the rights apply to all men
The civil war is about whether or not a nation can exist where all men are created equal
It is up to the living to extend the principles of the declaration of independence to all
The war is about extending human freedom
1864 apologises for slavery second a. address
The civil war is the price they paid for the sin of slavery
April 16 1865 L. is assassinated lived to see the last battle of the civil war.
1865 shot in the back of the head at the theatre
Reconstruction of the country after the civil war should read in text book
Most pressing political questions until 1877 (end of the reconstruction era because the last
confederate government elected a democratic state government)
What should be demanded by the rebels before they are let back in?
Who is responsible for the rebellion and who should be punished for it?
What do we do about the freed slaves?
How do we convert the southern economy from an economy based on slavery to one based
on free labour?
The emancipation proclamation is a military act so the 13th amendment is needed to make
the abolishment of slaves’ permanent (takes care of Border States with slaves E.P does not
apply to them)
March of 1865 Freedmen’s bureau provide food clothing fuel and schools for freed
slaves in the south
1 it is supposed to protect freed slaves from violence and harassment
2 supposed to supervise labour (make sure slaves get paid)
Andrew Johnson vice president southerner didn’t join the confederacy
Impeached on trial by Supreme Court?
Was a slave owner
A.J says that confederate states will have a governor appointed from Washington and they
must create new constitutions outlawing slaver and agree to never succeed again
And confederates had to take an oath of allegiance
Many states made black codes limiting Black rights. If you are homeless and jobless you
can be arrested and made to give free labour
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