Lecture 45, Part 2 - The War at Home

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29 Mar 2012
Lecture 45, Part 2 The War at Home
The Nation of Islam
o Malcolm X
Difficult and extremely violent background
From Omaha, Nebraska
Family harassed several times by the KKK, eventually split up,
ended up in Boston
Arrested for burglary in 1946
Elijah Mohammed
Leader of the Nation of Islam, originally called the Black
Taught that Allah was black, and the whites were a race
of devils
Malcolm X joined in 1952
Philosophy: trying to stop blacks from seeing themselves as a
Not interested in peaceful resistance
Rejected integration, wanted separation
Blacks need to stop being dependent on the white Americans
(food, housing, etc.)
“Angriest negro in America”
Eventually softened his views, went on pilgrimage to Mecca
Saw that Islam was colourblind, realized that all whites
were racist and white people could help
Malcolm X not welcome in the Nation of Islam anymore
Assassinated by members of the Nation of Islam in 1968
o Louis Farrakhan
Leader of the Nation of Islam today
Worked for black separatism
1995: million man march on Washington
o Muhammad Ali
Joined the Nation of Islam
1967: got a draft notice, but refused to join the army and fight
in Vietnam
Based on religious and moral reasons
Charged, titles revoked
The Black Panthers
o Armed control to protect the black citizens of Oakland from the police
o Huey Newton
From Oakland, California
Trouble-making teenager
Studied law at university
1964: arrested for assault with a deadly weapon
1966: together with Bobby Seale, they formed the Black
Panthers for Self-Defense
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