Lecture 49, Part 2 – The 2000s

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11 Apr 2012
Lecture 49, Part 2 The 2000s
2000: Bush vs. Gore
o Highly contested, decided by the Supreme Court
George W. Bush
o Conservative agenda
Unilateralism abroad, conservative at home
o Implemented standardized tests in schools, “No Child Left Behind” Program
Most of cost left to state and local governments
o Faith-based initiatives
Churches involved in education and social work
Opponents: blurring line between church and state
Tax cuts
9/11, 2001
o New direction for the Bush Administration
o 3000 people killed
o US pushed into recession and new security fields
o Image of America abroad changed, worldwide sympathy
o Demanded that the Taliban hand over Bin Laden dead or alive
Refused, followed by US invasion
Al Qaeda
o Aero-terrorist group
o Led and founded by Osama Bin Laden
o Global alliance of radical Muslims who gathered in Afghanistan in the 1980s
o US targeted Afghanistan for the attacks
o Home of the Taliban, Islam extremist group
o Haven of Bin Laden
15 of the 19 high jackers were actually from Saudi Arabia, a long time
ally of the US
o Invaded by US
Post- 9/11
o Letters laced with anthrax virus sent through US post
Came from a domestic source
o USA Patriot Act
Passed quickly
Expanded government powers to use electronic surveillance to
investigate suspected terrorists
Opposition against it built
President could not keep people under arrest under suspicion of
Creation of the Department of Homeland Security
o Bush accused Hussein of having weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
The Bush Doctrine
o Preemptive action
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