The Albigensian Crusade

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Published on 7 Feb 2012
c  
×Y !
{Y "#R
{YRR$# %$&
×Y'$%! 
{Y$! !!
×Yº($! ) 
×Yº* 
{Yc! +$
{Y $ ,
×Y- R
{YD!!  
 
×Y!$ R!
×Yº* %$!&
{Y ©+
×Y- !$
·Y©(! !
{Y!( 
{Y.(©)!$# 
×Y/( +c#R
×Y© ! R
{Y0)0( $
×Yc + 
{Y- ©©c1!$
{Y/(+ ë!$
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Intention: trying to find the problem that leads to heresy. Inquisitors were mostly dominicans y beginning 13th century: people s frustrations growing: pope innocent iii prevailed at local level (counts, dukes) to start battling cathar influence.  little enthusiasm among people y 1207: innocent s reign-man was murdered by individual that was excommunicated for not doing something about cathars: 1209: called for inquisition in langton, excommunicating cathars and supporters. Idea that they should all be killed and god will sort them out. The french monarchy y conquest of langdon allowed for increase power in french monarchy.  english sheriffs played similar roles, but baillis not picked from same city. In france, baillis were royal officials that collected taxes in areas they were not from y result: baillis depended on kings, which created loyalty: sought to make paris to be central local.  largest city in medieval ages: change in royal authority was conceived.

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