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Lecture 5

History 2403E Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Price Revolution, Miscibility, Crazy Prices

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

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History 2403E: England & Europe
Lecture 5
Crime and Price Inflation 12/12/2015 12:48:00 AM
majority of the population during this time period was under 30 years of
Most people are armed
People identify themselves to the world by their sword or knife
Personal Honour: Regardless of gender and social status, personal honour
is a huge thing
Difference what honour meant for a man and a women:
-Men at all levels of society thought that honour laid in,
strength and sexuality potency
Elite men: honour was associated with being a good warrior,
bravery, and loyalty
Men at common levels: honour is associated with honest and
professional competence
-For women at all levels: honour was key to sexual purity
and morality (women were perceived as capable of the highest honour but
also dishonor)
The Virgin Mary become symbolic of being the highest
honour and something women should strive for
Symbol of depths of dishonor and immorality for women is a
Witch (WitchCraft)
Family Honour: Need to protect kin group
Unanswered response of insult against honour meant a lowering of social
status, if you didn’t respond then there must have been some truth to the
Following social protocol is huge can bring about huge trouble if not
If you feel as you have been insulted then the proper response is DUELING!
Dueling’s is not the same as trial by combat (Trial by combat is a judicial
Dueling: Takes place outside of the law
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The kings of western Europe are actively working to outlaw dueling
because Dueling allows for the nobles to have power.
Dueling only occurs within the elite lifestyle
To bring about Duel, the person who feels they have been insulted
names another person to go slap the insulter and state that there is
a duel and that they can chose the weapon
when fighting, the duel will only end when one person
significantly bleeds
Trial by Combat (judicial): have to fight someone to prove innocent, if win
then you are innocent and if lose then you are guilty
If you or your family does not protect personal honour then no one else is
going to do it for you (Don’t have effective Policing)
Only 1 country to have a form of police force : French
1. Have a rural police force called: Marechausseè (1373)
- Group of men who were paid, and uniformed that had to
guard the royal forests, homes, castles, empowered to hunt down deserted
from the military, and keep bandits at bay
-Not well trained or effective
2. Developed an urban police force (In Paris) (1667)
-Had officers and detectives
- Paris is only city to have some that looks like police force
- If caught and charged with a crime:
1. Turned over the court system, the jury is composed of their peers (jury
has to composed of person of equal or greater rank)
2. Court has to find out if you are guilty or not
3. Roman Court states that you have to have 2 conditions before you
can declare someone guilty:
-2 witnesses
4. Two kinds of torture that the court can apply
-Judicial: Torture the see what confession they can get
-Punitive: person is found guilty and they punish them
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