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Lecture 27

History 2403E Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Protestantism, Gabelle Of Salt

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

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April 10, 2018
Seventeenth-century France
- Henry IV (r. 1589-1610)- 2 part reign 1589-1598 wars of religion, 1598-1610 restore
a measure of domestic peace and stability in france
o Late time france was in 1598 just ended several decades of French Wars of
o Henry IV to the throne = tried to hold on as a protestant so he converted to
o Had the same understanding of his people that Elizabeth and Charles II had
o People had to love him
o Easy going and charismatic fellow
- “Le Rou de la poule au pot” The King of the chicken of every pot
o Every French peasant would have a chicken in their pots
o People who were hungry and did not get meat, hard physical labour
o Mind boggling to think that
o Used charm to good effect as time as king
- Politiques / Devots
o Achieving peace at a state level meant a degree for pragmatic and toleration of
Relates to 30 years war
o Henry done this through the Edic of Nantes
- Edict of Nantes (1598)
o The most important piece of legislation in france during the 17th
o Gave protestant certain regions in the country to worship openly, cities to
garrison troops, full civil rights, own courts
o Paid catholics 32 million livres to go home
A bankrupt king is a powerless king
- Estates General
o Henry trying to avoid divisions at a political level
o Trying to marginizalized the Estates General
Kings weakened during the civil war while the growing body of
representaitves got stronger (similar to England)
o Called often and growing in power
o Henry saw it as a forum for the erring of rural and regional grievances, so he
doenst call it
After 1593, never calls it into session, similar to England!
o Cant move against the estates general at a pronvivial level but at a national
level, never calls it again
- Parlements the French law courts (legislative body)
o Henry will not take historic right of veto but wants to ensure they ratify all his
laws (pass it) an ultimatum
If used, he’ll try to take away the systems
o Realm of economic recovery
Massive debt when he came to power have $300 million in debt and
all has been borrowed at high rates of interests
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