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22 Mar 2012
Early Modern Medicine
Erasmus publishes Greek New Testament
- Sets the standard for research – people feel as though they have to study in that language (Latin)
- They studied ancient studies of medicine
Galen 13-201 AD
Next greatest physician to Hippocrates
- Great Roman physician
oBegins as a Gladiator physician – ends up as the Physician for Marcus Aurelius
- For him, medicine becomes a science
Humoural Medicine
- The body in a state of health is balanced – and unhealthy = imbalance
- Hippocratic medicine has
4 Fluids make up the body
oYellow Bile (dry and cold)
oBlack Bile (dry and hot)
oPhlegm (Cold and moist)
oBlood (Hot and moist)
They relate to territories around the world – Florida is hot and wet, Russia is cold and dry etc.
The job of the healer is to maintain the body in a state of balance
- If someone was ill and sweating – they assumed that bleeding would help
- They wanted to edit and republish the ancient texts
Aldus Manutius
It was at his press where Greek printing became possible
Aldine Press
- Produced a new print of Galen’s works
Jabous Sylvius
- Hippocrates and Galen were not ever wrong
- If the dissection of a human body does not match up with what Galen said, there is something wrong with
that body
- There were “new diseases” emerging
For hundreds of years people didn’t even go to Doctors in the medieval period
-They believed that if you detailed your symptoms they should be able to tell you what you have and how to
deal with it
The base foundations of Humoural thinking was practiced for hundreds of years – it takes centuries for
Galenic medicine to be challenged
- The world of anatomy had long been a concern in Galenic thinking
- During the renaissance there was a fascination with presenting the body as realistic as it is
Leon Batista
De Statua c. 1435
- Claimed that you needed to know how the human body was constructed
- In order to figure this out, you needed to understand anatomy
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