Geography of Europe

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22 Mar 2012
1500 world was closed, regional and inward looking very little movement
end lots of travel sailing across the globe
1500 no national identity regional focus instead
end early form of nation states,
They way that people organize their universe also changes
There is a shift in the power base
There were also things that stayed the same!!!(important for exam)
HRE is as regional and inwardly focused as it was
World of politics
emergence of centralized government (evolution of monarchy) Become strong and
over come rivals
diminished power of nobles replaced by bureaucracy(taxes =armies = power)
Armies bigger, more structured, new weapons
Dynasties have changed (movement from the tudors stuarts William and
Emergence of cities
welfare state
Peasants in western Europe
theoretically more free with the break down of feudalism but in reality there is little
change in every day life (feudal dues are replaced by taxes)
Quality of life has not drastically changed (the Columbian exchange has helped new
things from the new world but that has not really helped people are still hungry etc) very
little change
beginnings of a consumer society
(dutch begin this)
1500 wealth is exclusively rooted in land
1700 wealth is still rooted in land but not exclusively merchants, bankers
emergence of a strong vocal middle class eventually
by 1715 status is turning towards money (before it was blood line)
1500 profoundly religious concern was spiritual wellbeing
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