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22 Mar 2012
(Russia has followed a very different path than the rest of Europe. Russia does not
experience things like the renaissance, humanism, religious wars, Scientific revolution. In
anyway that is similar or comparable to the west)
In their isolation they see themselves as the height of culture and the third Rome.
Kievan Rus loosely organized state (before Russia) had broad spred cultural ties with
the rest of Europe.
1472 Ivan the third ruler of Muscovy (in middle ages there is no Russia there are
independent states) marries Sophia Paleologue (niece of the last ruler of Constantinople)
Ivan marries into the Byzantine Empire
(Tsar is like Russian Caesar)
1472 Ivan III calls himself emperor but he does not have clear territory
(most of what is today western Russia was under the rule of the Mongols Mongols
would leave behind administrators who would watch over there is indirect control but
then this empire is too large so is broken down into Khanates. The Russian Khanate was
the Golden Horde)
Ivan calls himself emperor but he is not because his state is not independent. In 1500 the
Golden Horde collapses. Ivan claims rulership over all of Kieven Rus but he still needs to
conquer rival rulers in the other states of Kieven Rus.
Ivan begins to build Russia. He subdues other cities around him. His son Basil III continues
this process of “gathering Russia trade routes are being developed
Basil III son Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible (1533-1584)
Ivan is born in 1530 and his father dies in 1533 The Boyars try to control Ivan from a
young age.
Boyars(The most powerful nobility)
Lesser nobility of knights
A very small middle class
And the majority of Russian populace are peasants
Ivan is very intelligent hungry to learn and also tortures animals. Very intelligent but also
somewhat psychotic.
1547 Ivan becomes Tsar
Ivan marries Anastasia Romanov
(Anastasia is the first of seven wives)
The first half of his reign begins in 1547
1549 Zemskii Sobor (the assembly of the land) Kind of like the estates general
He calls them together to help him rule
He reformed the church created a new calendar/ works to define the relationship between
the church and the state.
He created new legal code
Altered political structure of the state in ways that diminished the power of the Boyars
Forcing the nobles to take positions within the emerging bureaucracy
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