Queen Elizabeth I Etc.odt

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22 Mar 2012

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Queen Elizabeth – Master at public presentation
- devoted to religion and married to her country
- her relationship with parliament she has to appear to get along with parliament
- The issue of religion he the prince is the religion Elizabeth’s biggest struggle is to bring
some religious unity to England
- Elizabeth herself remains nominally protestant and outwardly presents herself as protestant
what she does at a political level she created a fuzzy middle ground -> to create a concession of
faith with a lot of breathing room so most people can be happy. 39 articles ( reduces Edwards
articles from 42 to 39) so that everyone could negotiate a position within this confession
- Everyone is basically happy within these confines the only people upset about this are the hard
liners the extremes
- High church and low church Anglicanism. Low church more Calvinist
- Elizabeth insists that her people remain loyal to her first and the church second
- Elizabeth embraces the politic tolerate religious diversity as long as the state comes first the
Elizabethan religious settlement
James 1st/ 6th
Elizabeth dies in 1603 Elizabeth had created an illusion of the ageless virgin queen
Elizabeth never allowed the issue of succession to be discussed in public
English are not prepared for her death not even the city bells rang in London the city goes quiet
William Cecil had been Elizabeth’s advisor
Cecil engaged in top secret correspondence with James the 6th / 1st
The heir to the throne (who had the strongest claim to the throne) was James the 6th of Scotland and his
mother was Mary Queen of Scots so Elizabeth doesn’t like James
James married Margret Tudor (daughter of Henry the 7th)
The issue of succession seems very settled
On the 5th of april 1603 James went to England to be king
James becomes king of Scotland at the age of 16 months old
Mary queen of scots was married to francis the second ( he dies of an ear infection) Mary is forced to
return to Scotland and marries a man named Henry Stuart or Lord Darnley
(Debate whether Riccio or Darnley where James father )
James is used as a pawn by his regents
When he comes of age he finds himself the first among equals his nobles don’t respect him and tried to
assinate him
Scotland is a very poor country very in debt
James thought that he would be respected and wealthy in England
James is not a larger than life figure he does not seem like a great king
Divine Right theory notion that the monarch power is a gift to them from god james says that it is
the person themselves are chosen by god not just the title of king ,
The key power that the English parliament has is the control over money if the King wanted money it
had to be approved by parliament (except the wealth that comes in from his personal lands) The king
could not create taxes or raise taxes
James is chronically short on cash he is not however short on cash because of warfare
What is he spending his money on? James wants to take his ease he spends the majority of his time
hunting rather than governing he was also very generous with his money he gives his money to his
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