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Warfare in Europe.doc

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

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War fare in Early Modern Europe 1480 -1700
The HRE 25 wars
The ways that wars were fought change dramatically in this time period
How does warfare change from 1500 to 1700?
wars could still be fought in 1600 with 20 thousand men
100 years later 2-3 hundred-thousand
Where are all these extra men coming from? one way is forced conscription
another way is to appeal to patriotism
they enlist criminals
unintended conscription sweep up the drunks put them on a boat and they are in the
a substantial portion of these armies are made up of mercenaries
They are also discovering new ways of killing each other
By the 13th century gun powder makes its way to Europe
Early European cannons have a tendency to blow up and kill the people using it
1480-903 they can make cannons that are more effective
Defensive technology they make better castles as a result of very good cannons
Castles in the medieval world were meant to keep people from climbing overt hem they are
built very tall and thin
The next problem is that there is no position on the walls to but your own cannons to use
They create the Trace Italienne
It was built low squat walls and they created moats around their walls
And there are angled bastions instead of round towers
Walls are now angled instead of tall and thin
In the late 15th century personal firearms are entering the war scene
1588 switch from bows to guns
Musket balls will puncture heavy armour
People learn how to fire a gun faster than a bow
Pikeman like a spear
Europeans pair the pikeman and muskets
Maurice of Nassuau
- he employed linear rather than square
He also introduced the counter march
Line of five guns and so guy fires goes to the back of the line and reloads next guy in line
fires etc