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Jeffrey Temple

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February 4, 2009
Religion and England
Queen Elizabeth
- Outwardly she remains nominally protestant
- Inwardly she seems to favour Catholicism
She sought to create an English church that was so fuzzy that variations of religions
39 Articles
Broad and fuzzy grey areas allowed leniency on religious choices
English Church
- High Church Anglicanism
- Low Church Anglicanism
As long as the loyalty it to the Queen first, then relgion – that’s all that matters
When Elizabeth dies, it shakes England to its core – they always thought she would be there
-She makes talk of “succession” illegal – therefore people don’t expect her to go
Jacobean England
William Cecil
Chief councillor during Elizabeth’s reign
- They made a good team
oElizabeth came up with ideas – Cecil went out and made them happen
- He saw the decline of her health more than anyone else
oHe was one of the few people who saw the path of succession
oHe went out against her wishes to secretly “recruit” – James VI
- Despite the wishes of Elizabeth, he starts this process in 1601
Cecil was not the only one who knew about this inevitable shift
James VI & I
- Elizabeth hates him – he is the son of Mary Queen of Scots (she tried to assassinate Elizabeth)
- Saw him as a barbarous fellow – but he had the strongest legitimate claim to the throne
-Margaret Tudor (Henry VII daughter) + James IV
oHe is from this line
- Cecil was trying to prepare James for this shift
-r. 1603-1625
- Not sure if Mary Queen of Scots’ husband Henry Stuart (Darnley) was his father
oDavid Riccio was Mary’s male gigolo
- Darnley murders this man in front of her and puts her unborn baby at sword point
April 5, 1603
- He heads South to take his crown in England
- He was 37 before he comes to England’s throne
Prior to his reign
- In Scotland he is constantly poor
- Constantly under siege, and living in fear (of witches)
England is his idea of a dreamland where everything is perfect – where the nobles listen to him and all
- It takes him forever to get from Scotland to England – he stops everywhere thinking the land is his
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