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22 Mar 2012

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March 25, 2009
Louis XIV
Becomes a world of balls, masks and ballets
- Became the world of theatre where politics were being carried out
The nobles are forced to compete among themselves for Louis’ attention
- They have to pick up their own tab when they hangout in Louis’ playground
- They have to line up in order to help Louis go to bed
oHe has the nobles wrapped around his finger
They are so busy fighting and competing among themselves that they do not think to stand against him
1667 – Demands that his laws are ratified without having to call an Estates-General
- He does not allow for others to oppose his notions – becomes the most absolute ruler in Europe
All other Monarchs strive to achieve this
*He is still bound by tradition and law though – not absolute rule
1685 - Hugenots
- Tears up Edict of Naught
- Demands that all children are raised as Catholics
- Took away education for Protestants
The hugenots leave … Remember – they make up the University people – BRAIN DRAIN
Results of his rule
- Taxes doubled – mainly among the peasants
- Famine hits hard Louis does nothing to turn on agriculture
Until the 18th Century, Russia has followed a much different path than Western Europe
- They did not experience the religious instability that the rest of Europe did
- They view themselves as being a very cultured and civilized society
Medieval Russia
Kievan Rus – Loosely federated state – the political predecessor to Russia
Bryzantine Empire – The capital was Constantinople
- The remnants of Rome, Russian culture was built off of these remnants
Muscovy – Ruler of Muscovy was Ivan III (1572)
Sophie Paleologue – Ivan III married her, and into the Royal family of the Bryzantine Empire
Ivan claims the throne through this marriage
Tsar & Autocrat
- This is where Russia gains its political structure
- Modelled after Rome
His areas are very sparse and divided – difficult to rule over
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