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Warfare in Early Modern Europe 2.doc

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Jeffrey Temple

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Warfare in Early Modern Europe
1480-1700 – Holy Roman Empire involved in 25 wars
- 29 wars for England
- 24 for France
- 36 for Spain
Only 10 year total where Europe was at peace
- EM states spend about 50% of their revenue is spent on war in PEACE TIME!!!
o75% during wartime
How does warfare change between 1500 and 1700?
What Changed?
o1500 wars were being waged of 20,000 men
oBy 1700 Louis XIV has a standing army of 200,000 to 300,000 men
A massive increase in the scale of warfare
oThe nobles do lie about the size of their armies to demand more supplies
and sell them for profit
How are the armies raised?
- Appeal to patriotism – “defend people against the evil French
- Enlist criminals in exchange for commuting their sentences
- Conscription
- Round up drunk people in the bars that are out of it – the next day they are in the
A substantial portion of the soldiers are mercenary soldiers – Swiss and Scots
- Guns and gunpowder are being more well used
- By the late 15th century there are stronger safer guns
- They made Cannons more mobile
Castles - Defenses
Defensive weapons becoming more important
- By the late 15th Century, the cannons are so effective that castles need to be
-Walls of Castles were built to keep people out – they were tall and very thin
oCannonballs go right through
- The walls cannot support a cannon on top of them so that you can fire back
- Italians were the first to develop castles that withstood cannons
oMotes were built around the castles
oThe angles of the walls were changed to deaden the impact of the direct shot
oThey eliminated dead spots around the corners so you could always hit the
hiding enemy
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