History 2403E Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: The Smell, Hope Chest, Mattress

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8 Feb 2016
Part 2
- People leave their homes, because theyre homes are as bad as the streets, people pile in
them to go about their daily task.
- The streets are in the main, a place of business, many of them just open their homes on
the edge of the stree doing their business
- Fiery public preachers standing on corners, would be around
oThe chirstian faith had depended on cities for survival, they sprea most
successfully and deeply in urban city.
oThere is more opportunity to get into trouble in the city, chrsitianity had this as a
oYou would find priest, friars and monks warning you about this stuff
- Streets had some pedlers, selling their random stuff, pending small goods as they travel
the streets, most cities have a festival, people coming in to practive theater performances
and etc. this also took place in streets,
oThere was troops around in the streets performing shows.
- There was a crew of two quriers
oThey were a reliable way to communicate with the city, they would cry their way
out to the streets, they would shout out news about deaths and births.
- The poor
oThere was alrge number of poor people, the number was growing dramatically,
they were in front of streets, churches, halls etc. they were everywhere
oThey would be presuming on the charity of their fellow citizens to live day by day
oThere is only one instituation that acts in charity was the catholic church, the
church is finding that they are lacking the ressources to support these people
- The streets were clogged with animals as well, there were teams of ox, there were heards
of caddles, there were nobles who would rode on their horses. The evenings they would
have the animal brigades to deal with the garbage.
- The smell of the cities were bad
oPeople were using charcoal, there were many people using the charcoal
oWith smell though it was like a gps, they can smell the direction where the food is
at, because usually butchers and stuff were all together in a corner.
Categories of people in the city
- Merchants
oIn part
- Nobles
oMaintain a country state and a house in the city
- Clerics
- Poor people
- Craftsman
oPeople buying a particular trade or craft
oOrganizzei nto groups and they are called guilds,
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Guilds: Modern day trade unit, guilds regulated the practice of a given
craft within a given urban environment
They would check how many craftsman can open shops in a city
They would look at the people, then try to figure out how many should be
in that town, and it would be the maximum number around
They regulated how that craft was regulated out
Loaf of breard – had to be a certain size, certain percentage of
wheat, how much it weighs etc.
Also will say the range of price
There are three recongized levels of skills
oOnly can open their shop
oThe award of that title came from that local guild, you had
to produce your masterpiece
oIf the city grew large enough, they would need to open
another blacksmiths
oOr if a master died, all the journeyman had to produce a
masterpiece an they had to bring this masterpiece and put it
before and they will be judge
they would then have the privlage if they win to
take over the shop or start one.
oAdulthood, 16-18
oHas mastered the basic principles of their craft
oThey would leave the business where they had begun and
they would go work in the homes of other blacksmiths
o10 or 12
oLive in the home of your master, and you will elarn the
basics of the trade
Social groups
They would have enormous pressure from the guilds, they are
getting pressured to crate things that will favor them
They are a bit of a social network, they try to take care of their
oWorkplace accident
They would try to provide financial ssistance
They would make sure you have a funeral, and that
your family is okay etc.
- Family life
oIf you were a craft family,
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