History 2405E Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Pope Gregory Vii, Gregorian Reform, Norman Architecture

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16 Nov 2011
Lecture 13 - The Anglo-Norman Church
I) The Anglo-Saxon Legacy
Christianity had been the strongest agent in creating a national
Cut through tribal rivalries, etc.
Laws of King Cnut was that everyone should know that Lord’
Prayer and the Creed
Very few Anglo-Saxon structures survived to the present
(wood structures)
Norwich and Winchester alone had over 50 churches each
Strong links to the continent, especially the papacy
Peter’s Pence – only paid by England to the Pope
Many pilgrims going to various shrines of different saints
Relics and images of the saints helped them feel more connected
to Christianity
Sold “arm of St. Bartholomew” to Queen Emma (wife of
King Cnut, second husband)
Fecamp Bec
II) Norman attitudes to the Anglo-Saxon church
William I believed that he should be in charge of the Norman
Appointed abbots
11th Century movement for Church Reform – Gregorian
Spread over the majority of the continent
William given papal support for his invasion of England and
succession to the throne
Flag a the Battle of Hastings
Beginning of a feudal relationship with pope?
Normans envied the wealth of the Anglo-Saxon church, but didn’t
like some of its culture and architecture (small churches)
William needed bishops he could trust completely
Purges church of bishops, etc. that were Anglo-Saxon,
brought in people he knew he could trust
Bishop Odo of Bayer
Half brother of William
14 when made a bishop
Commissioned the Bayer tapestry
Earl of Kent, fought at Hastings
III) Lanfranc 1070-1089
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