Lecture 53 – The Restoration Settlement

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29 Mar 2012
Lecture The Restoration Settlement
Major Questions…
What to do with those who fought against the crown?
o Those who signed the death warrant for Charles I
What will the king’s power be?
What will happen to the lands given away?
How was the matter of royal finance going to be?
What is the religious settlement going to be?
I) Dealing with the Regicides
Charles willing to pardon the people who fought against him and his father
‘We do grant a free and general pardon’,
o Pointed out in the declaration that parliament would be allowed to
make exceptions for the regicides
Act of Indemnity and Oblivion
o Evil deeds of the people could be forgotten
o Settled the general pardon
Regicides: 59 people who signed the death warrant for Charles I
o Several fled abroad, other died
o Those who were found were hung, drawn and quartered
o 12th anniversary of Charles I’s death marked
Oliver Cromwell and the bodies of other chief opponents were
dug up; heads/skulls put on spikes on the south side of
Westminster Hall
II) Constitutional Settlement
Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon
o Charles II makes him an Earl
o Long time supporter of the royalist cause
o Becomes Lord Chancellor to the king
o Mostly conservative, liked the traditional constitution of England: a
mixed monarchy
Crown and parliament both have power
o Have to get rid of the radical elements
o Didn’t approve of the period of personal rule of Charles I
Authority of crown, rights of the subject: equilibrium
o All the reforms passed by the Long Parliament were confirmed
Star Chamber and the Court of High Commission abolished for
Doesn’t mean that parliament has the upper hand, crown
retains a fair amount of power
o Public opinion in favour of the monarchy and its restoration
Aimed to take the best elements from each side
o Charles made promises in the Declaration of Breda, but wants to enjoy
rights and power of his predecessors as much as possible
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