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History 2501E Lecture Notes - Unitarian Party, Caudillo

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HIS 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

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27 November 2012
The New Nations:
Political and Economic Challenges 1820- 60’s
- Mexico will experiment with an empire- only for a year and it didn’t work
- Same thing with Brazil
After Independence there’s much to decide on
- Have to set borders
- Decide what kind of gov’t- republics?
The Caudillo in Argentina
- Argentina in 1820 didn’t exist yet, there was only Buenos Aires
- They are next door to brazil, in a good place to trade
- Unitarios- strong central gov’t
- Federalists, federation to have more power than the center, to be more
- Problem with meat- goes bad. If you salt it, it preserves
o Going to create an industry around Buenos Aires
o Going to have an entire area that raises the cattle, slaughters it, then
salts it
- Going to want freedom of religion- too advance for Buenos Aires at the time
- Gov’t will fall because of the changes that people want
- 1826- first constitution of Argentina- going to give power to Buenos Aires
- Argentina and Brazil go to war over the river
- 1828- Buffer state so that countries won’t go to war
Juan Manuel de Rosas (1793- 1877)
- Wealthy landowner
- Owned farms and interest in industries
- Was a federalist- wanted more power to the province
- Retire in 1832, asked to come back in 35- said yes if he was given all the
power he needs
- He is going to be a protector of the landowning class
- When he gets there, he’s going to be a dictator, nothing compared to the 1980
o What he calls as his ‘reign of terror’
o Cut their throat- symbol of Rosas
- Was strong enough to unite an area that wasn’t united
- Will remain in power until 1852 until one of his strong men will withdraw
- Typical Caudillo
- By the time he’s ousted, Argentina is a country
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