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History 2501E Lecture Notes - Secular Clergy, Language Barrier, Protestantism

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HIS 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

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European History- October 2
The Colonial Church
When we talk about the church we are talking about the Catholic Church
The church represents many different people
We can't just assume everyone within the church agrees with each other, because sometimes
they don't
Religious orders fighting each other, not always in agreement
Difference between a cathedral and a church
Bishops sit in a cathedral
It is like a headquarters
This is where the tithe money is going
Two Parallel Organizations
Secular Clergy
Bishop, parish priests, etc
Regular Clergy
Religious orders
Dominican, Jesuit, etc.
Each one has a head of the order
These two parallel organizations respond to the pope or the bishop
Theoretically, missionaries (regular clergy) came into the new world and converted the natives,
then the secular clergy moves in, then the missionaries move to the next area
First order to arrive in new spain (area of mexicans), Franciscans
In Peru, the Dominicans
If the top native converts, all under them will convert
Missionaries go for the top guys
No Jesuits at the beginning, order is established the middle of the 16th century
Each of these orders is different, they each have their own goals
Franciscans are focused on poverty
Dominicans, specialize in preaching
Jesuits, organized as an army, a lot of discipline, fight the protestants intellectually
Produce well trained educated people to counter the arguments of the protestant church
Its impossible to separate the secular from the religious at this time
Religion was part of your everyday life
This is very similar for the natives as well
If you are sick, its a punishment for example
Protestant reformation in the 16th century
Big goal of the crown
After being conquered natives are converted more and more
The natives didn't just convert and become like spaniards, they take what they want and
adapt it
Often one of their gods becomes a saint, there is a merger
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