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22 Apr 2012
History 2501
September 15, 2011
The Spanish Conquest
Most important- the Kingdom of Castile (largest and strongest in Spain)
Isabella and Ferdinand (Aragon): political alliance is on her terms
Two kingdoms are kept separate
Columbus explores in the name of Castile (under the Queen)
2 main nations= Castile (Spain- no experience in overseas exploration) and Portugal (experience
with colonization)
When the Spanish exploration starts, trade is the main focus for Columbus
Pattern of establishing an area then trading- not conquer
Portuguese just wanted to trade
Didn’t arrive in Japan as planned- must evolve and adapt initial plan
A number of expeditions after Columbus’ initial journey, still searching for paths to China and
India (must be Ok’d by authorities)
Paid for by merchants and bankers (advance funds on credit) explorers are heavy in debit and
cant return empty handed
Columbus brings back slaves Queen in angered and releases them
Slavery was common in Europe at this time, anybody can be taken as a slave
Explorers must be loyal people, conquerors came from certain areas of Castile
Most brutal 1492-1520: no rules/laws/government, takes a few years for crown to organize
system of control
1512: laws against slavery but no one to enforce it
Columbus’ Second Expedition
Settle the land
What to bring: seeds, weapons, horses, pigs, cows (tools for settling)
Implications: changing the ecological situation (disease)- natives not prepared for such changes,
negative effects such as yellow fever
Diseases- difficult to identify
1519-1520: pandemic-> small pox, Europeans had some immunity to the disease
Colonization of the Dominican republic
1493-1500 settlers arrive (2nd exploration)
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