Brazils Slave Trade and Golden Law Jan 10.docx

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22 Apr 2012
History 2501
Brazil’s Slave Trade January 10, 2012
1810 Lord Strangford Treaty
1831 Brazil Banned Slave Trade to Appease Britain
1850 Queiroz Law
Liberal ideas and slavery contradict each other
Why did it take so long to abolish slavery in Brazil? Two issues, slave trade and slavery
-1810- Portuguese signed treaty with British
- opens markets to Britain
- British pushing to end slave trade (unfair economic competition, moral reasoning, need
someone to export to)
- 1815 north of equator slave trade prohibited
- 1817 emperor promises to limit slave import, not very effective though
- At this time British are expanding their empire
- interest regarding slave trade depend on many variables (e.g. industry, number of slaves
you have, age of slaves
- increased demand for coffee
- coffee producing south experiences growth
problem: nationalistic. Why is Britain imposing on our decisions?
1831 End of Slave Trade: Brazil banned slave trade to appease Britain
Rumours of ending slave trade, people stock up, trade increases
1835 slave trade revolt in Bahia (too many slaves, power in numbers, concerns in Brazil)
Slave ships captured by British, slave traders tried in court, however internal trading continued
When something becomes illegal, prices increase
Negatives of Ending trade?
- Lost industry
- Difficult to obtain slaves
- Difficult to regulate/ police (smuggling?)
- How to gain labour and compete without the trade
- Once trade ends, slavery end is only a matter of time
- Seeking solutions= paid labour?
- Need to be paid to release slaves: some owners compensated by government, money
tied up, fears of “economic mess”
Emperor’s dilemma: supported (as a monarchy) by conservative people who don’t want to
abolish slavery (he’s liberal)
Rio Branco Law (Law of Free Birth) 1871 children born to slaves are now free but work until
they are 21 (“apprentice”), owner may release child at age 8
System to appease owners, a compromise
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