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Lecture 5

History 2605E Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Kublai Khan, Hakata Bay, Zazen

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HIS 2605E
Carl Young

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Minamoto Victory
- Rebellion led by Minamoto Yoritomo in early 1180’s
- Beginning of Genpei War
- Yoritomo’s brother, Yoshitsune, takes control of Kyoto
- Taira defeated in naval battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185
- Fujiwara family remnants defeated four years later
The bakufu
- The Minamoto warrior family emerged as the top warrior family in 1185
- The emperor gave the head of the Minamoto family the title of “Great Barbarian Subduing
General” (Seii-tai- shogun)
- The new shogun installed a parallel military government in Kamakura known as the bakufu
(“Tent government”) (also sometimes called shogunate)
Kamakura Government
- The shogun got the right from the imperial court to appoint provincial officials
- Gokenin Minamoto household vassals
- Jito (land steward) collect rents on shoen
- Shugo provincial military commanders
- Get paid through shiki from estates
- Got military protection tax
- Imperial family and aristocracy survive, but under military protection
- Yoritomo died in 1199
- Minamoto line dies out in 1219
- Power falls to the Hojo family, in-laws to Yoritomo
- Act as regents for the shogun
- 1221-Rebellion by Emperor Go-Tuba
- Defeat of rebellion strengthens the bakufu
- Office for samurai supervision, security, and police
- Board of inquiry handled cases of justice
- Office of Administration handled military bureaucracy
- Hojo family headed administration
- Joei law code-1232
- Came to apply to whole country
Mongol Invasions
- Khublai Khan
- First attempted invasion in 1274
- Driven back by bad weather
- Second attempt with 140 000 men made in 1281
- Mongols cornered in Hakata Bay
- Typhoon strikes and destroys half of the Mongol fleet
- Legend of the kamikaze
- The “Way of the Warrior”
- Emphasis on simplicity, martial arts, loyalty, and discipline
- Seppuku began to be practised in the 12th century
o Soul was in the belly, stabbing the soul
- Vassals to sacrifice their lives out of loyalty to their lords
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