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History - Nov 13th - The Ming Dynasty.docx
History - Nov 13th - The Ming Dynasty.docx

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Western University
History 1601E
Cary Takagaki

The Ming Dynasty – Emperor Taizu  Makes taxation fairer for the poor  Imposes high taxes on the rich  Cuts gov’t expenses  Encourages filial piety and harmony  Suspended examination system for 10 years because he thought the selected candidates were incompetent  Purge of those thought to be plotting against or ridiculing him  Second purge: takes 70,000 lives  Had sections of the Mencius that implied curbing the power of the ruler removed Zheng He/ Chench Ho’s voyages  7 naval expeditions between 1405 to 1433  36 countries agreed to a tributary relationship with china, with the Ming Dynasty as their overload  Including 8 countries from south East Asia  1 in India and Ceylon  5 in Persia and Arabia  And 5 on the east coast of Africa Reasons for Voyages  Not to conquer new territory  Not conduct private trade  Emperor Taizu forbids private foreign trade—all trade is to be conducted within the framework of the tributary system  15 and 16 centuries: Reconstruction of the Great Wall  1514: the first Portuguese trading ships put in at GuangZhou  Portuguese crews clashed with the Chinese: in 1517 at canton they took young boys and girls into slavery  Refuse to make the ceremonial bow (kowtow)  Give a minor dignitary the important task of delivering a letter from the king of Portugal
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