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History - Oct 9th - The Song Dynasty and Early Korea.docx

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History 1601E
Cary Takagaki

th History - Oct 9 Mid-Term: Oct 23 rd China: The Song Dynasty  After Confucianism has been incorporated in their daily lives is when they begin to study it.  Governmental officials are chosen based on their: Virtue, then knowledge of the classics, ability to govern and last writing ability.  Woman were diversified in what they could do in Song times such as women could learn to read with their brothers, own property and become a nun.  Women were able to remarry  Foot binding began during the Song dynasty but it was not recommended by Confucian teachers. It was a woman’s effort to beautify herself.  Binding feet – fortified the gender role because women couldn’t walk well so they had to stay in the house. Also, represented beauty and stature. Early Korea  Ancestors of Korea spoke Ultra-Altaic; unrelated to Chinese  Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty conquered Choson (northern Korea)  The rest of Korea was controlled by local tribes  After the Chinese rule collapse 3 states in Korea emerged: Silla, Paekche and Koguryo (maintains relations with northern Chinese States for technology)  Koguryo – adopted Confucian classics and Chinese style code of law  Paekche – establishes relations by sea with Eastern Jin (Northern part) and sends an embassy to China. Also, established Confucianism.  Silla – is farther away from China and are therefore less developed than Koguryo and Paekche. But later made contact with China and adopted Confucianism and the Chinese law system. Buddhism:  Koguryo and Pae
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