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History 1601E
Cary Takagaki

Yuan Dynasty  Genghis Khan unifies the Mongol tribes of the northern steppe in 1206  The Mongols dominated their enemies despite their small size because they had superior fighting skills and weapons  The Jin joined the Mongols to fight the Xia, but eventually the Mongols took over Jin and Xia.  The Song started preparing the fight the Mongols  1279: The Southern Song falls and the Mongols become the first nomadic conquerors to rule all of China  1271: Khubilai Khan takes the title of emperor and rules China. He forms the Yuan Dynasty “The Original Dynasty”?  Mongol Population (1276-1368): 1.5 million  Chinese Population: 1252: 87 million and 1381: 67 million Division of Society:  Mongols  Semuren (Mongol allies with Central Asia and the Near East; e.g., Tibetans, Uighurs, Persians, Jurchens)  Hanren (inhabitants of North China)  The Ethinc Chinese was at the bottom of the social hierarchy (everyone else was above because they were allies)  Nanren (“Southerners”; inhabitants of South China)  Adoption of bureaucratic tradition of the Chinese State to control the large Chinese population. They were nomads so they did not have a set political system and the Chinese system has worked in the past, so it was adopted.  The Mongols rejected the examination system (to ensure that Mongol and other non- Chinese could have places in the government)  The Mongols were discouraged from marrying Chinese  The Chinese were required to speak their own languages, wear their own clothes and practice their own customs, so that they do not assimilate. There are way more Chinese than Mongols so eventually the Mongols ethnic identity
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