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History 1601E
Erica Lawson

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Pereception of communism in china -scientific -anti western -anti imperialist -successful New culture movement th -a movement among Chinese scholars in the early 20 century to revaluate traditional Confucian values -The first united front -sun yatsen lack of unity within his party KMT -lack of western support for china, the Versailles treaty did not really support china -Soviet Union offers to help sun yatsen -ideological reason: foster socialist revolutions in other countries -strategic: a strong China to keep Japan in check -japanese are not sympathetic to communism because communism are anti-imperialistic -Japanese government is strongly anti-communist -Yuan shikai gets $25 million loan form European banks for his second revolutions -British supplies yuan shikai with munitions and block sun yatsen from landing in hong k9ong -paris peace conference recognizes japan’s claim of Shandong peninsula -First United Front -Sun yet sen unites with the communist party to get rid of the warlords to get the support of the soviet union -soviet union urges ccp to join the nationalists in a united front in the national revolution to get rid of the warlords -communist party promise the soviets to not promote communism until the warlords are gone -Sun yet sen believes that the communist order cannot accept communism, and sun yet sen agrees for help with the soviets -soviet send advisors to china to help[ sun yet sen reorganize the party and rearm the party -chiang kaishek sent to the soviet union to study the soviet military system -nationalist party campaign to subdue the warlords in china -communist and nationalist start to have a sense of nationalism to get rid of the warlords -popular support for the northern expeditions -chinese bankers and industrialists support a national but not a social revolutions, but they do not want communism -white terror: chiang kaishek searches out and kills union members and ccp aprty organizer members at the end of the unite front -chiang kaishek breaks with the ccp and initiates suppression of communism in shanghai -foreigners support the nationalists -green gang: organized criminals in shanghai before 1949 who supported chiang kai shek to get rid of communists -Green gang was exploited by business and the guomindang to control workers strikes and the ccp 1927: 499 unions representing 821,282 workers in shanghai -Western support for the nationalist -foreign powers reduce their special privellages because nationalist got rid of communists -tariff autonomy recovered -extraterriality reduced -a lot of investment in china -foreign banks in china increase and so does foreign investment because of more rule of law -chang kai shek still does not have enough money and constantly runs at a deficit and keeps taxing the peasents -taxing peasents and did not understand the plight of the peasants because this was his source of income and does not tax the industrialist and banks because he wants them to stay in china -excessive population 500 million by 1930, small plots of land to cultivate -poor yield of crops, the government does not have any relief -he has very little support from the people, chaingkaishek cannot deal with droughts. Chankaishek doesn't care and only wanted the support of the industrialists and bankers -communism slowly returns to the country, because chaing kaishek cannot control the country -Chiang Kaishek seeks German advisors and turns to fascism -fascism is strongly anti communist and highly nationalist -blue shirts function as secret policeof chiang kaishek; anti communist, anti “new culture movement” -new life movement nationalist campaign launched on febuary 19, 1934 which was meant to restore order to china.A mix of confuciansim and fascism and failed to solve the problems of the peasents -a renewl of Confucian and traditional Chinese values, but it does not help the peasents in the countryside. -communist strongholds start to happen in the countryside and the cities to help address the problems -Mao zhe dong takes communism to the countryside, because under communism will only come after capitalism, but china hasn't went through the period of capitalism yet, so china can skip and peasents can lead the revolution. -encirclement campaings attacks on the communist Jiangxi soviet by
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