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History 1601E
Cary Takagaki

History note 1 week 2 What is prehistory Period before written history Chinaends around 3k BCE Japan and Koreaends around first centuries CEAgriculture Begin in the near east around 8k BCE Evidence of agriculture in Hao Binh northern Vietnam at around the same time Agriculture spreads to India from near east Northern Chinaindependent development no writing left about the truth just theoriesSide 3 map picture focus on yellow river most efficientPrehistoric China Northern Chinayellow river valley South China55005400BCE Yangzi river valleyrice needs warm climate and lots of water riceswamp plant Panpomillet cultivation Longshan black pottery culture no medal working but working with stone for weapons Stones are polished well northern China first to invent noodles Noodles in north Rice in southSlide 4 map pictures of longshank along the yellow riverThe Birth of a civilizationBronze production centered along yellow river alley in Anyang in 1900 BCE Three rulers and 5 emperors rulers earlier than emperors Yao Shun and Yu 3 most famous ones These rulers credited with foundations of agriculture fishing hunting writing the calendar medicine and writing no evidence these people existed Bronze weapons are easier to kill people to they take are able to take controlThe Xia Dynasty 22051766 BCE Legendary dynastyYu the last of the 5 emperors considered founder of the dynastyNo archaeological evidence for the dynasty Erlitou archaeological site still hope to find evidence since Shuns evidence was found near yellow river East Asian have technology to medals are hot temperature The Shang dynasty 17661122 BCE Arose at the time of improvement in bronze casting The chariot divination writing bronze decoration and weapons all happen during the Shang period Feudal relationship between Shang ruler and subordinate rulers have writing left on stones bones that prove this dynasty existedShang religionShang ruler was also the high priest of the Shang religion Highest god was the Deity Above Actual worship given to Shang rulers ancestorsAnimal sacrifices and libations Human sacrifice common especially at the death of the ruler found other people buried along Shang he needed them when he die jade associate with china Shang expert at jade writing on bones sacrifices animals skin them and put it in fire answer and question writing on bones by Shang that the proveDivinationImportant part of Shang religion and royal action Bones from sacrificial animals or tortoise shells were burned and the cracks in the bones were read to tell the future Fortune was often written on the bone or shell First evidence of Chinese writingNotespaper was not invented until Han dynasty Words are written on bamboo strips that were tied together by stringsThe Shang state Economy based on agriculture Primitive form of money by using cowrie shells Shang state could field an army of between 3k5k men Succession from brother to bother to father or son Architecture started with raised earth and then brick supplemented by woodThe Zhou Dynasty 1050 221 BCE First Zhou rulers King Wen and King Wu conquer the Shang in 1050 BCE The Duke of Zhou helps consolidate Zhou rule Main capitals at Xian in the west and LuoYang in the east Confucius looks at this Shang Im the only on that can talk to god
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