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Sept 8 - 1803E Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce.docx

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History 1803E
Jeffery Vacante

1803E Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce  Idea of the market’s supply and demand were guided by invisible forces; self functioning  Alfred Chandler – THE VISIBLE HAND, arguing the visible hands are attached to the bodies of the managers in thesthfirms th o Firms were increasing by the 19 and 20 century through consolidation and merge o By the 20 century, we see the notion that bigger is better o Transform study of business into discipline focused organization  How businesses succeed and how changes take place  Focus of this class is to approach the idea of business and deconstruct what a business is, why and how they work that way  Universities have business schools because… o Place to nourish humanity o Business schools started out in the 19 century, emerged as a part of a larger institution  Businesses operate within markets o What is the market? The market works and the free market must be preserved. o Regulating the market – people think of communism (negative) o No such thing as free market – pursuit in how to foster t
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