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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - History 1803E

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History 1803E
Jeffery Vacante

009 - Wed 12.30 SH 335 -012 wed 12.30* Lecture : The Medieval World Unit:1 Middle Ages / medival period 476- 1500 A.D (approx.) 476- fall of the western roman empire: after attack from various tribes referred by the Romans as barbarians. Historians today realize they only had a different culture. 1 century BC- roman empire established . at its height it had a well developed economic and political structure. rd 3 century AD – Empire under attack: suffering from years of warfare, diesese, famine, over taxation. Over taxed due to heavy fighting. Local people had to rebuild their economy 476 AD – fall of Western Roman empire, eastern roman empire survived. Get renamed Byzantine empire 1500: end of Middle Ages: beginning of exploration and spread of renaissance. ( Renaissance: 1300s- 1500s) Began in Italy and spread in Europe. Renassiaace: rebirth of classical knowledge and celebration of indiviaul creativity. ( keep in mind: overlap between time period of middle period and renaissance) GEOGRAPHY AND THEPEOPLE: Focus: western European business within Europe with North Africa and near East Western Medieval Europe: - North: Brithish Isles, Scandinavia, low countries ( Netherlands, Belgium Luxemburg), germany, North and central france - South: Italy, souther france, Iberia ( spain and Portugal) Italy developed innovative business techniques such as banking,etc - Near : Eastern traditions: blending of 3 cultures: classical age of roman e Christianity became the dominat in the west. Muslim in the west were concentered in Spain and Southern History. Non chistrians in the west were considered to be foriengers. Non Christians faced a precaious status that could negatively effect them. Even position mattered 3 estates: 1. Clergy 2. Aristocracy 3. Commoners Hierachical Social structure: top: high level clergy and aristocrats Midde: Wealthy commoners, lower
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