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History 1810E
Margaret Mc Glynn

Portugal goes East, Spain goes West September 16 2013 Last week – how medieval Europeans thought of geography, thought of the world in a very different way, realize that they knew very different things and understood them in very different ways Secondary Sources – What is a secondary source? - someone’s interpretation of a primary source - secondary sources are based on primary sources - reinterpretations of a story - putting the bits and pieces together in order to answer a question - primary sources wont give you the info in the most complete way - secondary sources makes you rethink primary sources Assignment: What are secondary sources used for? - They give you access to accumulated wisdom on a subject - Basic outline of what happened - Secondary sources allows you to not have to constantly reinvent the wheel - Secondary sources can always be wrong – accept with a grain of salt - Secondary sources will bring a range of voices together to give you a sense of the past - Good secondary source writer will bring together a variety of voices and pinpoint the good and bad points - Make understanding of the topic more complex - A good secondary source will give you an understanding of perceptions from that time - Present interpretations of the past – this happened for these reasons, this happened because that went horribly wrong, give you a sequence of cause and effect - These interpretations will change over time. History of voyages is different over time – always the possibility we will find new sources, more commonly – the questions that historians ask change over time - For example: environmental history – 50 years ago no one cared, now adays it’s a big topic in our world - As the questions we ask change, so do the histories we wright Topic used to be called voyages of European discovery Now people refer to this as the voyages of exploration Perceptions have changed so we think more carefully about what we call it – less Eurocentric Beginning of European Imperialism – seems like the first step in the process When European empires were seen as good things, “these guys” were seen as heros – the founders of European greatness ie vasco de gama Now we look upon the European emperors as bad things They were the first in the long line of European exploiters from the world If you want to be a historian you have to not read history backwards You have to keep in mind that vasco de gama had no clue what would happen to him Try to keep these guys in there own context – understand the world that came before them not the world that came after them How did the Portuguese become a presense in the indian ocean? - left them on the coast of Africa last week What did the Portuguese learn from their African explorations? Technical skills - wind patterns in the atlantic – figured out how the winds and the currents worked - lateen-rigged caravel – developed better ships, technical advance that allowed them to sail further with fewer people more quicky - dead-reckoning – allowed them to figure out where they were when they were out of site of land Some experiments with trade and settlement - looked for gold, got more involved in slaving, raiding slaves when they started – but it was economically ineffective - started buying slaves - feitoria at arguim (first factory) 1445 – model the portugues use in their further explorations, establish a factory as a center for trading, supermarket away from home – will build a defensive space around it - happening during 1440’s/1450’s until 1480’s nothing much happens but then things start going very quickly Dias Columbus Da Gama Dias 1487 - 3 ships in his fleet - coasting along western south African coast - off the tip of south Africa he’s swept off to sea by a storm - when the storm blows over he turns east to find Africa but he can’t find it - in desperation he turns north and hits the African coast – he thinks he’s gone around - voyage is important because it shows: Africa has a bottom – you can go around Africa, the indian ocean is not land blocked, this changes the shape of the world in peoples minds. 2 – they did not burn from the equator when they did this - this makes a whole new ball game – gets rid of phsycological barriers and geographical barriers to exploration - Prestor John becomes a destination - Option of breaking link and getting into venician trade Oddity about Dias - then comes the “pause” - nothing happens for 10 years - why!!? Possible answers - preparation: Pero de Covilha – gave insights into spice trading, suggests the Portuguese were looking
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