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Philip of Macedon

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Western University
History 2173
Barbara Murison

Oct, 25, 2012 Philip of Macedon Macedon – 359 BC: -Macedonia lies north of most city states and was on the fringes and it was disputed whether they were even really Greeks but their rulers did claim they were descendants of the son of Heracles but their form of government and way of life was very different than the rest of Greece however -They were ruled by kings but the power of other kings was limited and they had constituted rights but here there was no institution to deal with them and it was a matter of factions at the royal court trying for influence (led to lots of assassinations) and they were polygamous and this led to many children vying for the throne -Many of their people were pastoralists rather than farmers and they were quite mobile -There was a noble class and hunting and fighting were their chief occupations and their society was similar to what is found in later feudal societies and they had played bit parts in previous wars to gain advantages -During this period Philip of Macedon spent three years as a political hostage in Thebes and he had time to observe changes in their warfare Death of King Perdiccas III: -Was Philip’s brother and he died in battle in 359 and Philip at 23 took control and they had many problems because their army had suffered defeat in Illyria and they were demoralized and the neighbouring tribes had also realized this was a good time to cause trouble and places like Thrace raided their territory -There were other claimants to the throne and they were gathering their forces against him but clearly his priority was to sort this out and make major reforms in the army Philip of Macedon: Arrian: -Was a historian of the time that wrote that Philip took rude shepherds wearing skins and transformed them into mighty warriors (this was a great accomplishment) and he recruited new infantry and he equipped them at royal expense and he standardized the weapons and the armour -The sarissa was a thrusting spear which was 16-18’ long (hoplite’s were only 8’) and it had an iron point that was a foot long and it was balanced with a bronze butt spike which could be rammed into the ground when at rest -These spears weighed 15 lbs and you needed to use both hands to be able to control them and they would be grasped 6’ from the bottom with an extension on 12’ in front (this gave the Macedonians an advantage of 10’ over hoplite armies facing them) -Shields were light and small and 2/3 the size of that of a hoplite and because the spear required the use of both hands they were strung around the neck and they also had a helmet, breast plate of stiffened linen or leather, boots or grieves made of leather, and a sword to use in close contact fi
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