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The Reformation

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Western University
History 2185
Monda Helpern

The Reformation -In England during the renaissance their focus was not on visual art but on the written arts like literature and plays and these show is many of their attitudes about sex and sexuality -On the English stage you could infer they were obsesses with issues of sexuality and there was a lot of interesting gender bending because theatre actors were all males (women not expected to work and the nature of acting was very public and exhibitionistic and this went against what a woman was supposed to be like) -Many of the plots were about sex and women couldn’t be expected to act these moments out and their exclusion was seen as something for their own protection -Acting was very low on the scale of occupations and the social status was really no better than being a prostitute -A lot of issues on the stage were related to gender confusion and involved incest, homosexuality and more either committed unwittingly or knowingly (Shakespeare is a good example of this) -The upper class looked at the stage as the epitome of sexual debauchery and depravity and thought male actors were sinking lower and lower by dressing and acting like women and the gender bending was seen as going against the bible where Adam and Eve made it clear that male and female were very separate (women as lesser sex) -The plays were done in humour but the sexual humour was unappreciated by the upper class and any mentions of eroticism was below them but this does not mean they were prudes behind closed doors just that it was not appropriate in public -There was a lot of ambivalence about the topic of sex and how certain themes could be handled on stage -During the reformation women’s behaviour in the church when they were pregnant and their attitudes and fertility figurines they brought with them were meant to bring them an easier child birth -In these situations tth church was much like theatre because it had a venue, script, celebrities, and props th -In England in
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