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History 2201E
Michelle Hamilton

November 26 2012Red River and the WestFrench fur traders more likely to live in Native communities during the winterEnglish Hudson Bay Co stayed in their forts during the winter and told First Nations to bring their fur to the postMiddle GroundPlace and a conceptNew group of people Metis arose from thisMetisTwo groups French Metis more likely to work for the Northwest Co and live with First Nation groups during the winterRoman Catholics and Scotish men marrying Native women work for the Hudson Bay Co ProtestantsFrench Metis on bottom of social hierarchyCountry marriagesCame out of phrase where marriages of the country styleno priest Native ceremony not a religious ceremony because marriage not conducted in a churchPeople dont consider this a problem early onLater on seen as a problem because seen as not being legal marriagesTwo groups spoke different languages Michif French and Cree and Bungi Scots and CreeSymbols of identity white innity sign on blue agSign itself comes from when priests who registered Cree births to indicate that birthIdea that the Metis culture will persist and go onLAssomption beltBelt made in LAssomption QCWool that had b
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