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Michelle Hamilton

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History Lecture 31 Jan. 28 th Laurier-Greenway Compromise - Premier Thomas Greenway of Manitoba and Liberal Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier - Wilfrid Laurier, Liberal Prime Minister of Canada “Canada’s Century” - 2 parties exist that actually mean something: Liberal & Conservative - Conservative  Strong government (centralized gov’t, but does not mean state intervention)  Federal gov’t gains it’s revenue from the tariff, not the taxes  Party of the tariff, and protectionism, the national policy  Believe in a centralized, imperial policy – means the empire must act as one (cannot show a bunch of differences of opinion) - Liberal  Party of provincial rights  Sympathetic to Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and the French Canadian minority  Party of minority rights  Party of free trade, reciprocity, lower tariffs  Autonomy – control of your own affairs (do not mix up with independence) The Promoter - Clifford Sifton, Minister of the Interior in Laurier’s cabinet and responsible for the immigration policy Settling the West, 1896-1911 - Immigrant settlers in Alberta, 1893 Settling and Surviving - Doubkhobor immigrants in Alberta, 1912 - 1896 – 17,000 immigrants came in - 1899 – 45,000 immigrants - 1905 – 150,000 immigrants - Each year, t
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