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Western University
History 2201E
Michelle Hamilton

History Lecture 30 Jan. 23 rd Imperialism & Nationalism, 1885-1914 - Oliver Mowat, Premier of Ontario and “Father of Provincial Rights” - Achievement of Confederation, Quebec has it’s own gov’t - Issues of local concern given to the provinces because Quebec has control of it’s own culture - The major interpretation is that John A MacDonald created a centralized nation where the most significant powers remained in the hands of Ottawa and the federal gov’t  However, provinces are still given weight, power, and influences  Dominion provincial dispute (argument between federal gov’t and provincial gov’t) - In the years following Confederation, there is discontent  Maritimes are unhappy  Long decline of the Maritime region  Decline of the timber trade – brought New Brunswick & Nova Scotia into prosperity around the war of 1812  Lack of economic diversity within the region  This is seen most prominently in the people from the Maritimes down to New England, as well as people from Quebec (constant issue/problem for the gov’ts)  Constant request from the provincial gov’ts to increase the subsidy from the federal gov’t; better railway connecting the Maritimes to central Canada  Shifting towards central Canada, there is a series of disputes between Oliver Mowat & John A MacDonald – jurisdictional battles; Oliver Mowat takes John A MacDonald and the federal gov’t to court over the disputes  Ontario Boundary Dispute (boundary between Ontario and Manitoba)  Oliver Mowat is a liberal and MacDonald is a Conservative  Shows that the provinces are being wrongly treated by the federal gov’t The Guibord Affair - Joseph Guibord, member of the Institut Canadien (Gentleman’s book club) – get together in the libraries and smoke cigars and drink brandy - Bishop Bourget puts out an edict saying that no good Catholics can be members of that club, and if they are they should be ex-communicated - Joseph Guibord dies, and that starts the Guibord Affair  They go to bury him and the bishop says that he can’t be buried in consecrated ground because he was ex-commun
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