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Michelle Hamilton

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History Lecture 23 Dec. 3 Expansion of Confederation - Rupert’s Land - Brown had a couple conditions: 1. Canada would work towards getting control of Rupert’s land and opening it up for settlement (fur trade is on it’s last legs in this area; Canada is thinking they can have more land for settlement rather than the fur trade – part of the deal for confederation of 1868 with England) - Canadian gov’t offers to pay 300000 pounds to the Hudson’s Bay company except they get to keep hunting grounds - Hudson’s Bay Company makes a lot of money off this land and the fur traders are very happy - Rupert’s land is bringing the Northwest Territories and it gets a governor and a council that are governed by the Act for Temporary Gov’t of Rupert’s Land and the North-West Territory, 18769 – most people living here are Hudson’s Bay employees or the Metis first nations people - They don’t see the Metis needing responsible gov’t - Not only do not they think these people need responsible gov’t, but land claims also get overlooked – 1869 to figure out where the railway should go - Very little thought to where the Metis people should go - When the Canadian gov’t sends out surveyors in 1869, they might take away the land - 1821 the Northwest company and HBC merge - After that happens, the HBC is given a monopoly for west of the rocky mountains which essentially becomes British Columbia; the Russian- American Fur company is operating in this area though (they are competing against each other) - American fur traders coming from off the coast as well - Convention of 1818 (after war of 1812) – when americans, natives and british are talking about the boundaries; so few people living there that the HBC and US decide to leave the territory the way it is and allow any trade to go about it’s business freely - 1828 not much is different and they carry on with free open trade in this area without opposing the border - the 1840s change this - A couple things happen on the US side of the border during the 1840s: people moving from the east coast US all the way to the west coast (crossing through an empty space); rumours of gold in California which stimulates a huge rush of people to the west - England and the HSB company decide to do something before the US takes the whole thing - Oregan Treaty of 1846 – Americans wanted to go up to the Russian border - James Douglas (HBC employee) becomes governor – essentially runs himself through a patronage network of other HBC employees; got there from 1849 on - In 1858 it gets out that he’s seen gold in BC (on the Queen Charlotte Islands); didn’t say anything about it because he didn’t want there to be a mad rush like in California - This spread and in 1858 there is a gold rush - At the end of the month the population of Victoria is doubled, and by Christmas its 5000 people (from 800) - What Douglas was afraid of comes about, because he doesn’t have the type of societal structure to manage all of these people - The English gov’t decides that they need to do something about it - They divide the area in two (Vancouver Island is a separate colony as well as the Mainland) - For the first time the Mainland is called British Columbia (Queen decides the name) - Vancouver Island stays under HBC rule and the Mainland is under British rule - Douglas retires in 1864 and 2 years later the two colonies are back together and Victoria becomes the capital - British gov’t is taking over this area and putting in a full political structure - Victoria becomes the capital in 1868 - Andrew Musgrave is pro-confederation and becomes part of the gov’t - William Smith (Amor de Cosmos) is pro-confederation but for a different reas
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