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Discovery of the New World

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History 2201E

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HISTORY 2201EEuropeans Discovery and Appropriation of the New World Justifications Motives MisunderstandingsINTRODUCTION Focus early contacts bt Europeansespec French and English and Native People from 1500s Argument Although Europeans came from more advanced civilizations and on that basis justified intervening in the New World Native People often had the upper hand in early contacts as is evident in the fur trade MOTIVES FOR EARLY EXPLORATIONS TO THE NEW WORLD Mainly a search for shortcuts to Asia the significance of European nations rivalriesColumbus Cabot Cartier then centuries of explorers seeking a Northwest Passage to AsiaJUSTIFICATIONS FOR EUROPEAN INTERVENTIONS IN THE NEW WORLD1Theological arguments about Christian rights and duties 2The unoccupied and unused lands argument 3Further arguments based on effective occupation1Theological arguments about Christian rights and dutiesthe pope is the head of western Christendom proclaims Portugal and Spain could make claims to the new land Since the people living in the new world were not civilized and heathens so they did not have the right or the mental capacity to stop civilized Christians to
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