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History 2201E

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History 2201 E Sept 17 Europeans Discovery and Appropriation of the New World Justifications Motives and MisunderstandingsNative people active agents in early contactMotives for early exploration shortcuts to Asia for spices and silkOttoman empire make it difficult for Europeans to cross the Mediterranean to get to AsiaImportant peopleColumbus Cabot CartierCabot working for England looking for Asia finds major natural resourcescodfish Cartier working for France 1530slooking for a passage to Asiaintending to find gold and silver to enhance the power of france He goes up the st Laurence Cartier keeps journalsgood primary sourceMakes a third voyage in 1540s trying to find a northwest passage to asiahe things its the St L river But he establishes a colony In 1840s they are still looking for a nor
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