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History 2201E

UPPER CANADA ONTARIO 1790s1840 HOW DID A COLONY FIRST SETTLED BY LOYALISTS WIND UP FACING A WAR AND LATER A REBELLIONINTRODUCTIONThe first part of this lecture will deal with the establishment and settlement of the new colony of Upper Canada from its creation in 1791 to the end of the War of 181214 Part II of the lecture will deal with the period 181440 when the colony experienced a massive wave of new settlers from Britain a developing but fluctuating economy and new grievances culminating in rebellion With regard to the War of 181214 although much of the fighting took place here the causes were external rooted in conflicts between Britain and the US Both before and after the War of 1812 the largest number of immigrants to Upper Canada were motivated primarily by economic considerations first the socalled late Loyalists from the US and after the War Irish Scots and English from BritainFrustrated that UCs economy and government were being dominated by an elitethe so
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