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History 2201E great depression.doc

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History 2201E

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History 2201E Henry Ford and the Model T Assembly linend Model Tfirst mass produced car 2 largest selling car in history Explosion in productionbest example of early mass productionAmerica becomes the first automotive country By the time the depression hits 1 in 4 families have a car Advertising industry creates rationales for mass consumptionWhat we start to see is a shift on how products are being soldthey would sell goods on the pretence that these goods will give you things that you want like status and love Economy is based upon personal consumption when people stop buying depressions hit Why did the great depression happenBegan in 1929 and ended around when the Second World War began unemployment began to lower once the us entered to the warThe great depression started in the United States and spread throughout the world Spread like a virusRapid decline in the production and sale of goods and a spike in unemployment many businesses closed down and people lost their homes and savings and many people had to rely on charity15 million Americans o
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