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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Part 3 – Maritimes

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 10 Part 3 – Maritimes o Relatively untouched by the War of 1812 o Reform in Nova Scotia was led by Joseph Howe o Switch over to responsible government was much smoother, Britain open to listening to less aggressive terms sent by Joseph Howe o All provinces had responsible government by 1855  Step away from total control from Britain, even though we are still a dominion o Maritimes much less industrialized than the Province of Canada, wind and water driven economy  Fishing, shipbuilding, etc.  Nova Scotia has natural resources: coal  Economic Problems with Britain and the United states o Canada’s biggest problem/concern with the United States was their economic policy  Protectionist policy  Canada losing sure market in Britain because of decline of mercantilism and sure market in the United States because of protectionist policy  Britain stopped making so many investments in Canada; caused loss of profits, jobs, etc. in Canada o Great Irish Potato Famine: 1845-1849  People starved in the thousands  Influx of immigrants from Ireland o Annexation of Canadian problems to the United States would have opened a great market; takes hold in 1849  Business people in Montreal draw up Annexation Manifesto in 1849  Would have completely drown out French Canadians  Nothing to do with political ideology, purely economically driven  The northern states liked the idea on principle, was the southern states who didn’t like the idea  Canadian provinces were completely anti-slavery, give anti- slavery people more of a voice o Reciprocity Treaty  Between British North American provinces and the United States  Mutually beneficial trade agreement only on natural/raw products (timber, coal, wheat, fish, etc.), no manufactured goods  Not free trade! Lowered tariffs on certain products  Lord Elgin went from Canada to make it happen  Even as the Province of Canada had responsible government, foreign affairs was still under the control of Britain  British government insisted that a treaty should involve the United States and all of British North America (Nova Scotia, etc.)  United States didn’t like it; wanted to trade only with Province of Canada  Britain offered coal from Nova Scotia and unlimited fishing off the coast, Americans couldn’t refuse  Both got what they wanted in regards to Canada  To the north Elgin explained how this was close to annexation, to the south he
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