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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Part 1 – Fur Trade

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Western University
History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 4 Part 2 – Fur Trade  Inter-societal trade: Dependent on the cooperation between the Europeans and Natives for it to work  Natives traded many things before Europeans arrived o Furs, meats, agricultural goods, raw materials (e.g. birch bark for canoes) o Transformed drastically when European arrived, abandoned their own crafts and focused on gathering furs to trade o Hunters competing for the best furs, charged tolls to hunt on other people’s land o Furs the magnet that brought Europeans and Natives together o Gift giving still important, trade for profit only part of it  Starting seeking out luxury furs o Red fox, silver fox, otter, martens, polar bears  Also traded hides o Deer, elk, buffalo, caribou o Very utilitarian, good for leather  Beaver what caught everyone’s attention o Felt hats were the new trend in Europe and colonial America, started th in the 18 century o Best came from the northern boreal forests, pelts were the best part for fur o Part of the native’s diet o Beavers killed by clubbing them in order to not ruin the fur o Were after the inner/under coat, ideal for felting o Sold as castor sec – beaver parchment  Cleaned, dressed and sundried
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