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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Part 1 – Mercantilism

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 3 Part 1 – Mercantilism  Mercantilism o Economic doctrine in which government control of foreign trade is of paramount importance for ensuring the prosperity and military security of the state o Based on colonialism/imperialism o Ship goods back to the mother country to manufacture goods; improves manufacturing businesses at home  Goods either sold in mother country or shipped back to the colonies o Fundamental premise: policy based on the fact that the amount of the world’s resources were known o Establishing monopoly companies, leads to conflict over territory o Grants and charters given by the governors, could be revoked at any time  Had no understanding of the geography, climate, number of Native peoples, etc. o Ambitions of the European monarchs a key motivation  Samuel De Champlain o Cartographer, quasi-scientist, explorer o Patriotic, religious  Wanted to spread Christianity to the “pagans” o 1603: makes it all the way to Montreal and the Lachine Rapids, didn’t think it was a good place to begin a settlement o 1604: form Port Royal on the coast of the Bay of Fundy  Named the area Acadia – now the Maritimes and Quebec  Very good strategic position in North America  Didn’t grow, major problem of New France  Created The Order of Good Cheer o Charter revoked from Sieur de Monts in 1606, given to Poutrincourt  Desert Port Royal and found Quebec in 1608  English took Port Royal from the French o French sent only volunteers to the New World, why it didn’t get as large in numbers as Britain’s Colonies
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